Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tag, You're It: Authenticity, Identity, and Play

I am the last person on earth to discover music sites like Pandora and, but that's only made me more evangelical. Listening to whatever music streams on the "Animal Collective channel" or the "Freakfolk channel" or the "Ambitious ambidextrous gluttons channel," I am completely absorbed and entertained thanks to the way tags, labels and channels can play to my mood. In my day job, I create, modify and apply tags in order to get the word out about all manner of books to the right people. Both the music and reader channels suggest that tags work, but not singly, only when considered in multiple. Steve Reich is both "classical" and "avant-garde," "minimalist" and "experimental." Emily Dickinson is both "lyrical" and "experimental," "Christian" and "heretical." No single label or collection of labels works across artists or even a single musician.

We're sold the idea that bands and authors are unified stable formations--whether it's a brand like The Pussycat Dolls or James Patterson constructed with marketing in mind, or more "authentic" acts like REM and John Updike. Recent concerns about Twitter and authenticity in social media suggest that this is not just a matter for big brands but also for the new mass anxiety around "The Brand of Me." To turn the perspective around: tags make us easier to market to, but the complex of our desires and thought-patterns are both infinite and evanescent. Art, music and literature are made created from a passing weather of personalities, situations, and materials.

Musicians themselves don't worry about the marketable myth of the authentic voice too much; they understand it's just part of the business (unless they're not fully recovered from outrageous success). But if ever an artist-type is prone to become trapped in this myth, it's the "poet." This is at least part of what's so exciting about Flarf and its place in the long, proud history of Conceptualism. But it's also what's frustrating about it. There is often an attitude around self-styled oppositional poetics that it alone is "authentic" in the way it demolishes the myth of authenticity. Writers, like musicians and artists, do have a style that has developed out of habit, circumstance and good old Emersonian "Genius," but it's still changeable. You don't have to take a sledge hammer to your style to play. You can both toy with authenticity and mean it, as Jennifer Moxley does in all her books, but particularly her most recent one, "Clampdown." Not to mention most anything Lisa Robertson writes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Sites for Wordies

For all the concern that the Web = the death of reading, words still rule the roost. Witness that these two blazing sites that are pure porno for wordies: Wordle and Wordnik.

The picture is a wordcloud from my ms. in progress, Continuous Husband. "Moon" is just from one super-moony poem, btw. "Like," on the other hand, I'm worried about.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Googlism for: sack (via Miranda Field)

sack is not a crime
sack is opening to your love
sack is the reason for 01/17/02
sack is a paper poke
sack is always a threat
sack is complete
sack is required
sack is flexible and tends to “round”
sack is big enough for several ferrets
sack is the answer to heavy duty sack demand
sack is made in the USA
sack is a simple rectangular bag sewn along the bottom and one side
sack is solid
sack is sealed with oil mixture
sack is a trademark of wham
sack is 4" x 10"
sack is sewed with cotton rope
sack is slipped upon the spout as shown in the picture the bottom rests upon a small table or platform which is so balanced that it slides down to the . . .
sack is completely absorbed
sack’s an attorney
sack is in the way
sack is placed
sack is for a specific child
sack is locked escape proof
sack is also good exercise
sack travels with professionals
sack is slightly more than half and measures 36" wide and 25" long
sack is attached to the hammock so you can never lose it
sack is reversible
sack is carried on the shoulders
sack is the statewide self
sack is a game whe'e dey ain't no winnas and no losahs
sack is something to think about
sack is so easy to sew
sack is a beautiful silent drive – der weg ist das ziel
sack is activated
sack is made of water
sack is 15" wide
sack is magic: inside it holds millions of